Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Morning


Our day starts early around here.  Henry wakes at 5:30am.   With daylight savings time in effect that puts us at just before sunrise.   Waking at this early hour gives Henry and I a few minutes to ourselves in the still dark house.  The very first thing we do after changing him into a Freshie (clean diaper that is) is head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and some warm cereal (coffee for me, cereal for Henry).   This morning we had the most beautiful warm light coming into our kitchen.  The sky was orange.  

Greta came in a few minutes later, eyes puffy and half asleep she sat in her chair next to the window.  I try not to talk to her too much as she first wakes up , unless of course she's feeling particularly chatty.  I like to give her a few minutes to wake up, to come out her dreamy self.  I made her a cup of hot chocolate.  She sat letting it cool and looked sleepy eyed out the window. Her posture at that moment with her fingers gently feeling her mug's handle, waiting for her morning pick-me-up to cool, she looked so grown up to me.  I could see her as a young woman. I could also see myself in her.   My kids will grow up so fast.  I want to cherish and hold on to these sweet moments with them.  So thats what I did.


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Peggy Ray said...

You are the best mom ever! So sensitive to Greta's early morning adjustment. I thought that was your hand holding the cup! Definitely see your point of view. What beauties, momma and daughter.