Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wool I'll Be, It's a Quilt!

In my second ever post on this here blog I mentioned a project I was working on that was very "hush-hush".  Well, that project was finished and gifted to Peggy and Howard.  It was a quilt made of felted sweaters.  I have made many a quilt but this was my first working with felted wool.  I shopped at the local thrift stores for 100% wool sweaters.  They felted up nice and were oh so very soft.  For the back I found an organic cotton/hemp fleece, also very soft.  Once it was all finished I was tempted to keep it for myself!  I love the way it turned out.  Not at all perfect in it's design or stitching, but I tend to like those imperfections and irregularities.  Charming and undeniably handmade.   My inspiration came from the women of Gees Bend.   

Before the cool weather ends I hope to make one for my Greta.  Maybe in pinks.  


Peggy Ray said...

That's a great title for your post. You are so clever and talented and beautiful! I am enjoying that quilt sooo much and am very grateful you had the sweetness and generosity to give it to us. When I saw it I was sort of amazed you hadn't kept it for Henry, but I'm so glad to have it. I'm putting it in my will... it comes back to you! I do have a wool blanki fetish and this is the softest most wonderful feeling wool blanket ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you! p.s. I'll keep my eyes peeled for pink sweaters for Greta's blanki.

Peggy Ray said...

Also, kudos on the new Panda photo! I love the old one too, so please add your wonderful pandas to the disk -- no rush!

rachel said...

I would have never really kept it for myself. Since it's conception it was meant for you and Howow. ( too bad it doesnt fit over you both) you'll have to share.
And yes, if you spot any pretty pink wool sweaters send them our way!
love you and miss you.