Friday, January 23, 2009

fat lip

The other day Greta took a dive while playing in the living room.  Getting up to fetch something from her room she tripped on her dress and fell right on her mouth.  She cried in my lap for a few minutes then retreated to her room. A few minutes later she calls me in, "mama, my mouth feels weird." Her lip looked like there was a grape tucked under it. "I look like a man" she kept saying with worry in her voice. I said, "no honey, you look more like...Angelina Joli..." I'm not sure why I thought that would make her feel better, it didn't.

Accidents are few and far between around here. We have yet to have any trips to the hospital with broken bones or for stitches. This was kind of a big deal. I gave her one of Henry's frozen soup cubes in a ziplock bag to get the swelling down. She wasn't thrilled about keeping that thing glued to her lip for 5 minutes. So I suggested she eat a strawberry mochi ice cream. No problem there mom. Suddenly she felt much much better.


Puddlefoot said...

I love all your little family tales Rachel!

Peggy Ray said...

I see her lip recovered awfully fast (from next picture). Beautiful with or without big lips! Kiss 'em for me!