Sunday, January 4, 2009


Since I have given birth twice now, there are some things that I am keenly sensitive to. This usually includes topics related to pregnancy, birth, and breast feeding.  Some may feel I'm overly sensitive at times,  but I think those are important topics one should feel strongly there.  One thing that gets my goat is when tv shows or movies, particularly comedies portray women giving birth.  The scene will usually include a woman finding herself in either a grocery store or dinner party, or somewhere equally as awkward, and her water breaks and is suddenly thrown into full and intense labor.  The comedy ensues as she labors in a taxi cab or finds herself in the hands of strangers far from the father as she gets ready to push the baby out.  And here is where it is supposed to get really funny, when the mom is lying on her back (worst birthing position possible), hyperventilating, screaming for drugs, cursing everyone around her, and finally screams her baby out.   This is not funny and I usually point out to Zach that this is not what it's like nor should it be, and get that woman off of her back she should be squatting for goodness sake dont they know anything! 

One evening while watching our favorite show, The Office, there was such a scene that did not generate my typical critical and overly sensitive comments.  This scene had us both laughing so hard we were in tears.  Maybe I'm lightening up or maybe Dwight pushing out a watermelon is just pure comedic genius!  I have to share, in case you haven't seen it, here it is.