Friday, January 16, 2009

stripes and plaid

Greta's wardrobe is 82% striped.  
Barber's pole at Robbie Wilson's Salon in West Hollywood.  Grooviest hairdresser in the land. Plays bongos while my hair sets.  Totally chill, baby.
Laundry basket soaking in the sun.

Thank you Mme. Leya for hosting this wonderful week of color!  Inspirational to say the least.


Jessie said...

Oh I love that barber's pole!

The Kender-Page said...

I have to admit that I am a little sad that this is the end of the colors. I have loved looking at them every day - really bright, happy, interesting photos.

rachel said...

thank you! glad you've enjoyed.

Peggy Ray said...

Plus de parfait! I'm not sure if that's the correct phrase, but it's what came out of my mouth when I looked at these latest photos. You get better every day!