Monday, February 9, 2009

the flower lady

Another wedding under my belt. This was the first wedding I have done with only a weeks notice. It went really well. I was fortunate to have on hand several vases and supplies so I didn't have to go out shopping for too much. Flowers arrived on Friday all the way from Carpenteria. My supplier provides me the finest flowers, they always look better than I expect, especially after being packed tightly in boxes and shipped overnight.

When I work on a wedding there is a lot of planning involved, ordering to be done, budgets to be made, and really just 2 days of intense hands on work. Before the kids I could work throughout the day. Now the bulk of my work is done after the kids have gone to bed. Our kitchen is transformed into a work space where I clean, prep the flowers, and design. I work into the wee hours of the morning. Surrounded by color and the sweet aroma of roses, sweet peas, tulips, lilies, I keep chocolate and bubbly water close by and listen to episode after episode after episode after episode of This American Life to keep myself going. ( I Heart Ira Glass).

I love this work that I do just a few times a year. All fairly intimate and modest weddings. I have loved all the brides I have met (except for one and that was a long long time ago *cring*). Literally every time I work on a wedding, during those wee hours getting ready for the following "Big Day" I think to myself, "Yeah, I'm NEVER doing this again." But I do. Because I love those few hours before the wedding. The place a buzz with caterers, photographers, wacky djs. It's fun and everyone is usually in a festive mood. The biggest pay off is when I deliver to the bride her bouquet. Often a bride will cry when she sees her flowers, then I cry , and we hug. Those moments make it all worth it. Knowing that I have added beauty to one of the most important days in someone's life. It's fun and rewarding work to say the least.

Flowers are beautiful, powerful, delicate, and awe inspiring.

Here are just a few shots of this past Sunday's wedding.

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Peggy Ray said...

What spectacular artistry! You are magnifique, flower lady! I can't wait till you do my wedding... jus' kidding!