Friday, February 13, 2009

Cafe de Leche

There's a new coffee house in the hood! Its modern decor and special nook for the wee ones has me very excited. It's just down the hill, maybe 3 minutes away from our house, in HIghland Park. They use Intelligentsia coffee beans which means the coffee is AMAZING! Hip places like this so close to mi casa make me feel not so bad about living in LA. We have been living in the northeast part of LA now for one whole year. I'll admit I wasn't thrilled about leaving my Culver City comfort zone. But turns out that I'm really digging it out here. Don't get me wrong, I sticking with my Portland dream, but this side of town is a more tolerable and less congested LA for me. Not to mention the wonderful new friends we have made. Outside it's green and lush, the air is clear from the rains we have had, we can see snowy mountains from our deck. It's great living in LA right now, but trust me, I will not be singing it's praises in mid summer. For now I can truly appreciate all (some) of what this city has to offer and maybe I'll go for a second cup of coffee this afternoon at my new favorite joint that I've only been in once...Cafe de Leche.

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Peggy Ray said...

Okay, I'll bite. How do they get the bike down?