Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my venice family

It was seven years ago next month that Zach and I were married and I left my funky little shack in Ojai and moved to the big city. It was not an easy change. As I remember for the first few weeks I would get lost driving just about every day and I cried a lot. But I was able to quickly adapt and find my place in this wacky city and actually start enjoying myself with the help of my most loving and considerate husband and also the kindest and without a doubt the hippest family in the world, the Eliots. My friend Sarah had been caring for their daughter, Sydney who was close to 3 years old at the time and couldn't continue. I believe Sarah had 4 other jobs at the time. She asked me if I would be interested in the job. Me, a nanny? It was very intimidating not having any real experience caring for little ones, but I thought I would go for it, I had nothing else lined up. Before I started I imagined I would work a few weeks  until they could find someone else more qualified and capable. Mom, aka Kendell was 8 months pregnant and I had no experience with newborns.

To make a long story short, I fell in love with Sydney. She was shy and sweet and she liked me. Soon Jasper was born and I fell in love with him too. Dad, aka Jefferson and Kendell worked from home most of the time and I got to know and love them too.  I spent a few days a week with the kids, walking all around Venice, the beach, parks, cafes, libraries, the farmer's market, shops on Abbot Kinney. I quickly fell into a groovy rhythm, finding the good things that this city has to offer and beautiful little people to spend my days with.

I have watched Jasper and Sydney grow to be smart, kind, creative, funny, and just plain wonderful kids. Sydney just turned 9 a few days ago and Jasper will be 7 this summer. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed and they seem so grown up now. ( Can I write this without crying? I can hardly see my keyboard for blurry eyes.) The kids got older, started school, Greta came along, I was only going one day a week or so before we packed up and moved to the other side of town. I go to their Waldorf school festivals on occasion, I was able to sit in on one of their Garage Band practices, and sometimes we chat on the phone. They still sleep at night with the quilts I made for them. Since Greta was born they have treated her like a baby sister, making her dolls, drawing her pictures, passing on clothes and toys. Other than my own mum, Kendell and Jefferson have proved to be my parenting mentors. Always happy to offer help and support. And I haven't even mention how amazingly talented and creative they are. (They wrote and produced this play!) I find my self sometimes in a situation with the kids and I think , " What would Kendell or Jefferson do?" Really. They are that great.

We were able to meet up with our friends a couple of weeks ago at The Huntington Library. As always we had a fun time and as always I was in awe of the kids and how they seem to change so much in between our visits that are sadly too few these days. Someday if we leave LA, well, I guess we will just have to take them with us.

To my Venice family, I love you.

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Peggy Ray said...

I'm crying too! And I don't even recognize that beautiful young woman that is Sydney!???? Where'd the little girl go? And I didn't see her that long ago!