Monday, March 30, 2009

pamper me purple

Before today my feet looked like those of an eighty year old woman living a hard life in an arid climate.
In other words, really bad. ( I am sparing you any before pictures.)
I've had one pedicure before in my life. It was okay, but I'm just not that comfortable with strangers touching my feet with sharp or extremely abrasive objects. I buy the foot creams that don't really work and the pumice stones, but being that I'm getting older and always bare footed, they just aren't cutting it. So this afternoon I took Greta and went for a pedicure at Mademoiselle Nail & Spa in Eagle Rock. Greta pulled up a chair next to me as I soaked my feet in an unsettling neon blue bubbling foot bath and we breathed some toxic nail polish air while a very sweet Filipino woman worked on my feet.
I felt bad for her at first, but she didn't cringe when she saw my feet as I expected. Then I thought her work must feel more gratifying on someone like me. If she works on feet that were just buffed and polished two weeks before, where's the satisfaction, where's the transformation? Well, she did work hard and I gave her a nice tip. Now, instead of having eighty year old feet I have feet that look thirty four almost thirty five-ish.
I'm going to try and make this my new custom. Pedicure once a month.
I wont feel so guilty now when I ask Zach (who by the way has feet and hands softer than Henry's bottom) to rub my feet at the end of the day.

Happy Monday.

Stay tuned: update!

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Peggy Ray said...

hahaha! that's great! love the accompanying picture!