Saturday, March 7, 2009

trash or treasure?

Greta's friend Poppy (cute as a button and as sweet as her name) some months ago was gifted a large cardboard chest filled with princess dresses, every 3.5 year old girls dream, or so it would seem. Well, Poppy wanted and still wants nothing to do with these shimmering and fantastically synthetic gowns. But Greta is all about that right now, so I was happy to take them when Poppy's mom offered them to us.

The dresses were all tried on and taken off over and over again for about an hour this afternoon until I broke the cycle and threw the kids in the car and headed to Cafe de Leche for a (much needed) late in the day coffee. Greta wore the purple one with gold trim, I wore a pink tiara, and on the way home, Henry cried. So feeling fancy we sang to him as two sopranos might, about putting his "japamas" on and going to bed.

Greta loves her new dresses and has asked me repeatedly why it was that Poppy doesn't want them. She finds it very perplexing. She thinks we should hang on to them for her just in case she wants them back in the future, maybe when she's 4. The moral of this story, one little girls trash is another's treasure. Thank you Poppy for making Greta's year.

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