Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This past weekend we were invited to a kids party.  The there was an Indiana Jones/Adventure/Safari theme going on.  Being that the invitees were all around 4 years old, I'm doubting that any had actually seen the Indiana Jones movies, (melting faces, hearts being torn from chests, monkey brains...) But the 30 and 40 something parents, undoubtedly big fans.
Here we are entering the party.  Greta hiding behind my skirt.
The museum curator ( Brody)  setting up the scavenger hunt.  
Greta, dressed as a Turkish cowgirl.  Fun fact: the vest belonged to Gma Peg, it's part of a traditional Turkish outfit,  she lived in Turkey as a girl.
Scary clown face painting.
I think my favorite shot, this cutie was quite a ham for the camera.
Fun fun fun.

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