Tuesday, May 19, 2009

greta's new do and a scary spider tale

Ready for summer.

Tonight as I was folding laundry I discovered a HUGE black spider sitting right next to me. I gasped, did a little freak out dance, then composed myself and caught it under a glass. The room was dark but I could see this spider looked a little strange, like there was a large growth on it's back. Turned on the light to get a closer look, hmmmm very strange indeed. Then I seemed to remember a book I read with Greta about how different animals carry their babies and I recalled a picture of a thousand or two baby spiders riding on their mama's back. The illustration trying to make them look really cute but still creeping me out. Could that be what was up with this black hairy beast under the glass? I usually take the humane route and scoot them out the door, but the thought of all these babies potentially making their way back into my house was enough to choose the flushing method. As soon as I dropped the spider into the toilet all those babies fell off her back and started swimming for dear life. I gasped again and flushed...twice.

I'm going to have nightmares and maybe a little bad karma, but it was worth it.

Isn't Greta's hair cuuuuute?! She looks like a Gramma Peg when she was a teen.

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Peggy Ray said...

tres cool ms. greta pants! love the spider story...