Tuesday, May 26, 2009

party's over

Our lovely long weekend is over. Zach is back to work.
This weekend I pulled some weeds in the garden and almost slid down the hill. I also found an old iron birdcage next to someone's trash this afternoon, threw it in my trunk and dropped it off on my friend's porch....she loves it! I went to Anthropologie bought a pair of pants that are too big and I'll have to take them back and exchange. Saturday we went to a party where our friend's mother who is visiting from France, made fresh crepes for everyone. They were delicious.
Now, the French have the custom of kissing on each cheek when saying hello and goodbye. I love this but I am sort of used to the one cheek kiss, so while saying goodbye to a gentleman who was not French but married to a French woman, I assumed it would be a one cheek kiss goodbye. No, he went for the other cheek and I had started to move away and so that was awkward. Why can't I ever get it right? It bugged me on the way home, but I got over it.
And other big news...Henry is walking! Yes! He is still not feeling too confident and is very aware when he is not holding onto someone's hand, but he's a champ and looks as cute as can be walking across a room.

Hope the weekend treated you well.
Have a happy Tuesday and a fabulous short week!

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