Thursday, May 14, 2009

who needs it

Along with ditching the dryer this summer, I am thinking of ditching shampoo and conditioner. What?! Yes, thats right. It has come to my knowledge that you can effectively wash your hair with a scoop of baking soda and warm water, then rinse with apple cider vinegar when needed. How simple. I love simple! Baking soda gets all the dirt out without stripping your hair of all the good oils it needs to be healthy, and therefore doesn't require you to condition every wash.

I learned of using this miracle household item from Angry Chicken. She turned me onto ditching mainstream deodorant (Tom's of Maine) for a home made version with a shea butter base. Angry Chicken makes her own, but I buy mine here. It works great and isn't full of ingredients I can't pronounce and that aren't very "natural".

I'm looking forward to trying this baking soda and apple cider vinegar thing out. Thinking I will add some essential oils to the vinegar so it smells... not so much like vinegar.
It will be an experiment, can't make any promises.
Want to learn more about why it might be a good idea to ditch the shampoo? You know you do!

Final thought:
Since I was a teen I have wanted to be one of those people who grow their own food, make their own clothes, live off the land, don't own a car but ride a bike everywhere, make their own deodorant, and wash their hair with baking soda. I guess you can say I wish I were a hippy living in the woods, teaching my children from the earth each day. And Zach would work from home or as a park ranger.
And well, I am not that hippy. For now I have a car, I buy my produce and clothes, I live in the big city, I've had a pedicure. But I am a hippy at heart and am always trying to find ways to live simpler with the earth in mind, as well as the health of my family.

Here's Hen being all cute and stuff.

Happy Friday!

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Peggy Ray said...

Right on, sistah! Let me know how the shampoo thing works out. Love that happy baby -- excuuuuse me, 1 year old boy!