Friday, June 5, 2009

garden update and more!

Our garden hasn't quite turned out the way I had hoped. It is indeed a work in progress and beautiful and fruitful gardens don't happen overnight. I must remember that. I won't share any overall shots of the garden because it looks pretty sad. The sunflowers are fading and the weeds are popping up everywhere. I just can't keep up with them weeds!
Greta still finds excitement in the garden. We have had several tomatoes which seem to be her favorite. We also have had a few dahlia bloom, our second round of sunflowers are getting taller, the carrots are growing...slowly, one onion is coming up out of the gazillion seeds I planted, and this morning we peeked out the window to see this...
Splashes of pink! Sweet peas!
Our neighbor Mike is helping us with landscaping our hill. We want to rebuild the terraces, plant some tall bamboo to shield our view of the street below, and create some spaces for the kids to wander and play. There is a lot of work to be done. We will keep the plants native and drought tolerant. We also want to give our fruit trees more attention.

Today was lovely with rain in the morning and blue sky with puffy white clouds this afternoon.
Greta has a nasty cold, or a "very rude virus" as she calls it, so we were in most of the day.
I am finally starting on a quilt for my girl. Lately when I get my fabrics out she picks out the ones she wants for her quilt, I have been promising her one for a while now. So I went through my stash and chose all the prettiest pieces. I also did a little shopping at Superbuzzy for some fun Japanese prints. Here's a little of what I have.

I cut all into 5 inch squares. It's going to be colorful and very girly. I hope to get it started this weekend. This pile of squares has been staring at me for a couple of weeks now.
Here's Henry's angelic pose of the day.
Here's a cliche for your weekend...

Love what you do and do what you love.

Peace out.


Taisie said...

I really love your blog--look at it every day, almost. The colors, patterns, whimsy, wonderful comments, gorgeous pictures, all of it! It's a delicious book, one day at a time.

Many thanks.

Theo (Sam's mom)

rachel said...

thank you sam's mom!! such sweet words. you made my day.