Tuesday, June 16, 2009

le plage santa monica

I have to add how inspired I am by this woman and her quilts. Her photography is beautiful too.
I have the top of Greta's quilt almost finished. I sewed it together and realized I need it to be a tad longer. I'll have photos up soon.

Oh, in case anyone is curious how the baking soda/apple cider vinegar shampooing went...
I did it ONCE! It didn't leave my hair feeling silky soft. Didn't feel dirty, just not soft.
I'm too sensitive to that sort of thing. I was a bit disappointed at first and I'm sure it would get better after a certain "detox" period, but that weird textured hair wasn't worth it for me. Zach tried it too, same thing. I'll stick to my Aveda.

Going Granola...not easy.

I am line drying my clothes though ( most of the time ) all but towels and jeans.

Happy Tuesday.

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