Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lil this, lil that

When I was pregnant with Greta my friend Kendell ( always full of motherly wisdom having 2 kids of her own) told me that there are two things you must have when you have kids that will make life easier. One of them I can't remember and the other was a dishwasher. Many a night, just like tonight when I stand before a mountain of dirty dishes, kids asleep, feet aching, eyes heavy, I hear my friends words echo in my ears and those words ring so true, so true.

Another friend, let's just call her Zila, told me how she once threw out a toaster oven rather than cleaning it. It had gotten that bad. Well, let's just say every time I use my toaster oven I hear her words. I am almost ready to just chuck that greasy old toaster oven and run down and buy a new one. I know, it's terrible, wasteful, and bad for the environment, but I'm tired of hiding it under a pretty dishcloth when friends come over and I just do not have the time or energy to sit and clean that thing.

In other news, lately Greta is less than enthused to eat her veggies, so I make her smoothies with vanilla yogurt, frozen mango, banana, blue berries, and a chunk of frozen spinach! She is none the wiser.

Happy Wednesday.

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Katie said...

I've often tried to figure out a way to buy you a dishwasher, but until you add on a second building on the hill (with a bridge) ha.ha.--there's no room. I did figure out a way, but maybe financially prohibitive at this time. Ask me if you're curious.Definitely, I hope you threw out the toaster oven. I threw out Peg's when she moved here. She was mad. But I was right. love kate