Monday, July 20, 2009

This evening just before dusk Henry and I headed to the market at the bottom of the hill to pick up a few groceries. The fridge was empty. Funny how that happens so quickly with a teenage boy in the house.
So we headed out just the two of us. Henry in his blue and white striped jammies, me in a grandma looking house dress. I moved slowly through the store, enjoying every minute of that glorious AC, meandering down the refrigerated isles. Henry as usual was his quiet self and of course someone commented on his lovely red hair, (a day doesn't go by).
After we shopped, heading home in the car I rolled the windows down, the air was starting to cool. Listening to Flume by Bon Iver, driving slowly home I had a few minutes of great calm and peace. I felt very present, I wasn't thinking of all the things I need to do at the house, all the errands and phone calls, and appointments I need to make this week. I didn't think about how Im going to keep a 14 , 4 , and 1 year old occupied and happy this week. It all felt lifted from me. I just enjoyed the music and felt so happy and thankful to be alive and for my kids and my sweet husband who works like a dog every day. I reached back and held on to Henry's soft bare foot. He seemed so content with the music and the breeze too. I cried for a minute, maybe a little out of exhaustion, but mostly for the overwhelming gratitude I feel for the simple things, for my life.

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Peggy Ray said...

Rachel, you are so beautiful inside and out. I sure am grateful to have you as a daughter-in-law and to see what beautiful children you and Zach have made. I must also confess my guilt in not being there to help with those lovely grandkids. Miss you all terribly. Really looking forward to seeing you all soon. Beaucoup love!