Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tomato for you, tomato for me

I would love to say that this tomato came from our garden, but no, it was delivered by Spud.
Our garden did exactly as I imagined, dried up into a crispy weedy mess. The sunflowers thrived, but everything else was stunted by the malnourished soil. I know what your thinking, I need a compost pile. I KNOW! But can someone please come over and teach me how to start one, or better yet do it for me? It can't be that hard. I know there are rules and it's good to have one of those great big bins. It feels overwhelming to me. Maybe I can get it together by next spring.
Oh, and yes the soil is bad out there and it's hard to keep up on watering, but the main reason I gave up on watering my squash and other veggies, I noticed that our cat, Daisy, was pooping and peeing out there a little too close to the edibles. Really really gross and unhealthy.
We did have lots of flowers blooming out there and that was great, and a few tomatoes that were planted far from Daisy's dumping grounds.

There's always next year, always next year. With a plan to keep cats away and some compost we'll be in business.
Until then, Spud me.

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