Friday, September 25, 2009

5 years and 5 days ago...

Our Greta Rose was born. At 10:59 am she arrived. A clear and warm September morning in Santa Monica. It was love at first sight. She had the blackest hair, the prettiest pink skin, and the longest eyelashes I had ever seen. We couldn't take our eyes off of her those first few days. I took dozens of pictures of her just sleeping. A perfect and beautiful miracle that has brought our family more joy, happiness, and purpose than we could have ever imagined.

Greta, my daughter, I can write a book filled with the reasons and ways that I love you. For every day I spend with you is a gift. Five feels like such a big number and you have become such a big girl. Literally. You are very tall! You are growing more confident, smart, creative, and kind everyday. I see gentleness and empathy with your brother and with your friends. Your papa and I (or as you sometimes refer to us as 'Zach and Rachel') could not be more proud or in love with you. Thank you for the gift of you, our precious flower, Greta Rose.

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Sam said...

What an absolute cutie! Happy belated birthday Greta