Tuesday, September 29, 2009

babies and dolls

This morning we had some very special visitors. Jess, Maddie, and Max drove out to see us. This was the first time we had seen Max in the flesh. This is the same Max that inspired my first haiku in maybe 18 years. (I am old). This sweet boy was very chill, spent his time nursing and being cuddled by his mama. A very happy and content little man. And look how cute!
Maddie was right at home. She explored the house, the toys, and the animals, did some serious cream cheese eating and some delightful piano playing.
Jess, I regret I didn't get a picture of her. But if I did have a camera on hand I would have taken a photo as she told the perfect story of Max's birth, for during those minutes she seemed to glow. It was a happy birth at home, 2 hour labor. Yes, 2 hours. Her daughter Maddie was also born naturally at a birthing center. No hospitals for this mama. And this mama's mama had all 4 of her children at home too! Two awesome mamas!

Then, this afternoon while Henry slept I started and finished this doll for Greta. She named her Cutie, has been holding her every minute since I sewed the last stitch, and she says she loves her more than...she loves me. Hmmmmm....I guess I take that as a compliment.

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