Saturday, September 19, 2009


It is no secret that Greta loves all things Hawaiian. So I have downloaded countless Hawaiian songs from i tunes. Both traditional music as well as any song even related to Hawaii or Hula dancing. In our Hawaii mix that we listen to in the car, we have several Don Ho hit songs. Today we listened to Tiny Bubbles over and over again. She likes when I sing along, Henry sometimes chimes in, though she is a bit shy when it comes to singing herself.
But this afternoon I witnessed the cutest thing ever in this world. Driving home from the plant nursery, cruising down York, listening to Tiny Bubbles for the 97th time, I look at her in my rear view mirror and I see her lips moving and very faintly hear her singing along in perfect timing to Don Ho's cool and melodious tune. It was adorable. Maybe it's just because she's my kid, maybe you just had to be there, maybe it's because she turns 5 on Sunday and lately I can't help but notice what an amazing, sweet, funny, and beautiful little person she is, but with that glimpse of her in the rear view mirror my heart melted.
As we got closer to home, without any prodding from me, she proudly announced how she had been singing Tiny Bubbles as well as the other song "with the Hawaiian girls" that is sung all in Hawaiian. Now, I didn't witness her singing along with the Hawaiian girls, but I totally believe her.

Tiny the wine
Makes me happy, makes me feel fine

Tiny Bubbles...make me warm all over
With the feeling that I'm gonna love you till the end of time

Have a groovy weekend all, and as my girl would say...HELLOHA!

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jessica said...

2 cute!!!!!!!!!!!---tati