Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today Henry stumbled while in a yogurt shop and smacked his forehead on the hard tile. I picked him up to comfort him, he was crying, and I noticed he had a good sized bump. I kept holding him, he kept crying and that bump grew bigger and bigger and redder and purple. I had never seen a this kind of rapid and dramatic change in a bump before. I could see that my friend was just as surprised as I was. Thankfully she had arnica tablets that we could give him right away. I quickly decided to take Hen to the ER to have him checked out. Greta went home with our friends.
During the 45 minute wait in the ER I could see that he was going to be fine. He was acting like himself, playing games with me, wanting me to take him to see a picture of balloons down the hall over and over again, he was drawing on his leg and on my neck.
So, he checked out fine and we went to pick up Greta. Henry fell asleep in the car. His bump was already looking better, swelling had gone down.
Greta had been worried for her brother. When we got home they were playing in her room and I overheard her asking him if he was ok and if he was still hurt. She offered to to sit him in a very comfy spot and tell him a story. She started with the story and then she yells..."MOM, HENRY IS PEEEEEEING!"
So Henry and I took a shower. I washed away the stress of the afternoon from myself and I washed away from Henry's hair the frozen yogurt that I had smeared on to get the swelling down.
I took them for an evening walk and we stopped to visit with all the neighborhood cats.
I think I have given Henry more kisses today than any other day in his life.
My poor little boombola.

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The Kender-Page said...

Poor Henry. But really, he gets to tell his friends when he's older, that his mom rubbed frozen yogurt into his hair - on purpose!