Friday, October 2, 2009

fashion for fall

Hand-me-down cowboy boots from Jasper.

To go with this jumper so lovingly made by Grandma Lisa. A fun western pattern embroidered on a thin corduroy. Coming soon will be pants for Henry out of same fabric.

A beanie for Henry made by his mama, (that would be me.) I found a lovely yarn shop in South Pasadena. It didn't feel claustrophobic the way most yarn shops do. It had a very open and warm feeling to it, and the color and the yarn and the books, oh my! I found this green for Henry's hat and used some orange from my very small stash at home.
I made it for our trip to Oregon in three weeks. Yes, three weeks!
Henry doesn't like hats and will probably not wear it for more than the 12 seconds he did this morning...but it's ok. It's all about the love that goes into it, am I right?
Gearing up for the autumn season. Bring it on.

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