Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rainy day

Yesterday brought us rain, oh how wonderful the rain!
And a handmade dog sweater.
And a rescued wooden chair from the side of the road.
I have been passing by this chair the past couple of days, left out at someone's trash bin. After day 3 still no one had picked it up. I couldn't just leave it there in the rain , could I?!
I'm such a trash picker.
(and proud of it!)


Heidi K. Rettig said...

Did you make the dog sweater? If so, share you secrets and I will post it on! My felted sweater following would amaze you! :)

rachel said...

i did make it. will post a little on how i did it, though it was a pretty rushed. give me a few days!

Peggy Ray said...

I can't decide who is more fashionably dressed... dying to hear how you made Ollie's sweater. Can't wait to see the whole lovely gang!