Saturday, November 7, 2009

fabric fever

Last weekend I discovered two of the most inspiring fabric/craft/yarn shops around. Full of delicious fabrics that I could only find online before, now I can see and touch them in person. This is huge for me. We went to The Urban Craft Center is in Santa Monica on Saturday, there I picked up a quarter yard of the 5 fabrics on the right. The other 2 on the left I found at Home Ec in Silverlake. The owner at Home Ec , Jenny I think, invited me to join the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild. So I did! They have monthly meetings that I wont be able to attend for a while because they are in the evening. But online I get to see all the quilts that are so fresh in their design and fabrics that I love. I'm feeling so inspired.
So this weekend I plan on doing some sewing.
I will take a yard and a half of every Alexander Henry fabric ever printed, please.
These are some stripes cut out of Japanese tenugui cloth for Julien's quilt. Not sure where I am going with it, but there will be just a splash or two of that red! Another Alexander Henry.
Half of my stash. My other half is in an unfortunate plastic box under my bed with a lid that doesn't fit and that makes the occasional dog bed. My goal is to have all my fabrics organized by color on shelves that are not plastic. No more digging.
Happy weekend, wherever it takes you. I think it's taking me downtown to Michael Levine. Just sayin.

Oh , and there is a rather unfortunate skunk story that I will soon share. Writing it down would mean reliving the experience and I am not ready for that. Give me a few days... or at least till the smell goes away.

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Peggy Ray said...

Lovin it! My latest addiction by the way is Project Runway... you've gotta check it out on netflix! the addiction has spread to the cooking competitions too, like Top Chef and Chopped and Iron Chef... so hard to stop!