Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I felt that!

My dad loves the quilt I made him so much that he requested a scarf made with the same soft felted wool.  Turned out nicely I think.  Zach was so kind as to
model for me.

He thought it would show better in this action shot.

Another thrift store find this weekend past was a thick green wool J. Crew sweater.  It felted up nicely and the neck reduced to a perfect size for my little Hen.  Did a little tracing and cutting...

 Sewed up the sides and VIOLA!  Super easy!

Now if it would just get cold enough for him to wear it.

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Peggy Ray said...

OH my achey breakey heart, that look! love the hen! give Hen and Gret all gramma's love... kiss kiss! And I recognize those drawers of toys -- nice pictures!