Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Zach has a friend, Craig.  Craig has a lovely and creative girlfriend, Audrey.  She lives in San Francisco.  She recently opened up her Etsy shop.  This is a store I wish I could literally walk into.  It's fresh, earthy, and full of simple and elegant design.   Zach did a little shopping for me and here is what I received yesterday in the mail.

Love the box and card.  Zach says this is one of his favorite fonts.

These stones were collected from Baker Beach.  I love that for one, they were found, second, that the only polishing done was by the waves of the Great Sea, third, there's orange in there, and fourth, that they were found on Baker Beach.  For any who don't know...I was a Baker before I was a Fannin.  I love this necklace.
Then to my surprise and Greta's delight there was a little something for the kids.  A very thoughtful touch.

For Henry, a simple yarn bracelet.

For Greta, silk thread and found sea glass.

Next on my list from Audrey's General Store, this stunning cowl.  A unique design and cozy to boot.

Tomorrow, I have some other Etsy wonderfulness to share.  Stay tuned!

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