Thursday, December 3, 2009


I love windows.  I don't love having to cover my windows and block out glorious natural light.  But for the sake of privacy I have to have one of our bedroom windows covered.  I had a simple curtain hanging for a while, but I wasn't feeling it anymore.  I needed to change that window covering and ASAP.  What could I do that would be different, still let in light, simple and clean looking...hmmmm.

I know!  I'll use that giant scarf I bought at Target that is knitted into a giant loop and refuses to wrap around my neck in any flattering sort of way.  But it is oh such a lovely knit and color!

So, with a little wrapping, stretching, pinning, and a couple of suspension rods, 10 minutes later I have this awesome geometric knitted window covering that lets in beautiful sunlight and provides the privacy we need.

In this case, the impulse buy paid off.

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Audrey! said...

Hi Rachel! Craig always shows me your blog and I love the creativity, cuteness, and cuddliness of it. Thanks for checking out my Etsy...I hear you're about to launch one too! You have such great and inventive ideas--I know it's going to be a hit :)

Hope you like your necklace (it's one of my favs)!