Friday, December 18, 2009

what a long strange week it's been

So maybe the week hasn't been so strange but definitely long, and with a long car ride just about every day.
We headed out to see Grandma Lisa and saw the awesome vitas on Grimes Canyon Rd.

Yesterday morning I picked up my quilts.  Here is a sneak peak!



This week Zach's knee froze and has been unable to drive or even tie his shoe.  He had Osgood-Shlatter's Disease when he was a kid and now and then it will rear it's ugly head.   Needless to say he has been working from home.  The kids and I loved having him home, sitting on living room floor, knee outstretched with ice pack, working on coffee table.  Yesterday he was able to hobble into Greta's gymnastics class to watch for a bit.  This made her year.  Yeah for Osgood-Shlatter's Disease!  That's terrible...I know.
Here we are in Chipotle restroom while Zach was seeing the doc.

Today, we are off to see friends at Elysian Park.  Zach is off to work.  Tomorrow, Julien is here!!

Happy week end!

(Trying to convey there the way the English say "weekend".
Did it translate?)

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