Wednesday, January 27, 2010

knitted chickens and stuff

This morning I wrapped up the kids and we headed to Abuelita's,  for I had runneth out of yarn.

Merino and cashmere.

I could not resist the cutest tape measure ever made.

I didn't even get that the pull is supposed to be an egg.  I thought it was tail feathers.  Greta had to point it out to me. This realization made it even cuter.

Across the street from Abuelita's, just opened is The Great Harvest Bakery.  They grind their own flour for goodness sake and this is where I will be buying my bread from now on.  Today I picked up a honey wheat loaf and a sweet pumpkin and chocolate chip loaf.  Feast your eyes on this...

This bread was a tad sticky and Henry took too big of a bite and ended up with a glob flattened on the roof of his mouth.  He came to me complaining with his mouth wide open for me to see.  I used my finger to scrap it out, this made him gag and throw up, not only the bread but the nutritious lunch I had made, zucchini pancakes.  Now I am sure this story has you craving zucchini pancakes and so here is my recipe:

1 zucchini
1 fingerling potato
1 egg
heap of basil pesto
spoonful of parmesan cheese
olive oil

Shred zucchini and potato.  Squeeze with paper towel to absorb their water.  Throw into a bowl, add egg, cheese, pesto and mix well.
Warm your skillet, add a few drops of olive oil, then take large spoonful of mixture and drop it then flatten it on the skillet with spatula.  Make a nice flat, round pancake shape.
Let it get nice and crispy, flip it till nice and crispy.

They are yummy, really!


The Kender-Page said...

As soon as finished reading about Henry's pancakes, I did immediately crave them - how did you guess? They do sound very tasty. We'll be trying them here soon.

Peggy Ray said...

2 words... yum meeee!