Monday, February 22, 2010


Mom made us curtains for the kitchen.  Japanese fabric I found at Common Thread Studio.

Zach leaves on an early flight.  We wont see him for 6 days.  The longest the kids have been away from him.  * Sigh*  We'll miss him so much.  But we will be hitting the road with Grandma Peg to meet him in Santa Fe at the end of this week.  So much to do and prepare for.  Greta has a dentist appointment this week that I am praying goes smoothly.  Last two visits we had to leave with her in tears.  A friend passed on an optimistic "third times a charm" and I am hoping this is the case!  I have had lots of good advice and pointers, ways to prepare her.  This time I will have help with Hen.  I feel it will  help Greta if she knows she has both of my arms.
Gymnastics and ballet to look forward to.  Lists and lists to write and scratch away at.
I remember my mom getting stressed out before any big trip.  She would sometimes have an allergy attack or break out in hives.  I have inherited this condition.  Not the allergies but the stress.
Breath in the goooood out with the baaaaaaaaad.  Here we go!

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Peggy Ray said...

I guess it's universal. I almost had a breakdown trying to get out of the house today. I am in 7th heaven now that we're on our way! Can't wait to kiss and hold all you smoogapoos! How did the dentist appointment go?