Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Etsy deadline

I adore this photo.  Found here.

Today is a big day.  Greta's first ballet class is this afternoon. Tights from Target completed the required ensemble.  Size 4-6 still has the crotch at her knees, go figure.
I have given myself a deadline.  By next Friday I want to have some goods in my Etsy shop.  
You have an Etsy shop?  you ask... I do, but have yet to stock it's empty and dusty shelves.
I will be away from computer till then, with maybe the occasional photo or ballet video.
I am also going to try and get this read.  Given to me by my dearest mother in law, Peg, so many moons ago.  I started reading it, got really excited about it and then it found its way back on the book shelf.  

Off to the library! Then ballet!  Oh, and then to pick up a wooden play kitchen I scored from a preschool yard sale last weekend!  Score of the century!

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