Tuesday, March 2, 2010

de colores

I love our kitchen.

Today was cold.  We went for a walk around the plaza area.  Window shopped.  Had some yummy breakfast burritos, I had red sauce Peg had the green.  Realized that the kids and Ollie needed something to keep them warmer than the thin layers we get by with in LA.

Found Greta a coat on sale.  Found a super cool coat for Henry but he refused to model for me. It just fits and will probably grow out of it by the time we leave.   I made a new sweater for Ollie, he wont cooperate either.  

And Henry made some new friends.


Peggy Ray said...

Man, that Hen is a real scene stealer! And Greta continues to knock the socks right off!

pete said...

Thanks for sharing the pics