Thursday, March 25, 2010

grand indeed

The road to Grand Canyon National Park.

Our first view.


I had mixed feelings about the loud construction going on within 100 feet of the rim.  On one hand it did not allow us the peace and quiet one seeks when experiencing The Canyon ( neither did the hordes of tourists), on the other hand,  being that I am acrophobic and there was a surprising lack of guard rails, the tractors shifted Henry's attention and I could actually breath and let go of him for a few minutes.  

Greta has not inherited my condition and for this I am glad.  She remained attached to Zach at all times while near the cliffs and I watched her so close to the edge that my heart was in my throat,  but she was able to really appreciate and enjoy being in such a wondrous place.  

This couple...crazy!  No ledge below them, only sheer cliff.  They made me nervous, but I secretly envied that feeling of freeness and an unobstructed view.

Hen absorbed once again in something tangible.

A man risking it all for a photo op. 

Bear hug.


Seeing this land, the scale, it's beauty, really took our breath away.  There is no possible way for me to express in a photo or words how "Grand" this place is.  Someday I hope we can hike to the bottom and stay awhile.  My dad did that.  I love my dad and I love the Grand Canyon.


deborahjustine said...

So Beautiful! I cannot wait to take the kids there one day.

Taisie said...

And I love those gorgeous photos.