Wednesday, March 10, 2010

morning snow

This morning we woke up in a winter wonderland.  I offered to drive Zach to work, he preferred the walk.   We also said farewell to Gramma Peg.  She boarded a train to Albuquerque to stay with her friend Cecily for a few days before she flies back to LA.  We wont be gramma-less for long because Gramma Lisa comes in this evening.  A changing of the Gramma Guard.
After we said our goodbyes at the train station I wanted to take the kids to get some spaghetti, I stepped over to Henry's side of the car to get him out and stepped into what looked like a slushy gutter, well there was slush but covering about 6 inches of ice water.  And I was wearing my clogs.  So we are back at the house thawing my foot and eating here.  C'est la vie.

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