Thursday, April 29, 2010


The kids and I spent a couple of days in Fillmore this week.   Greta and Grandma Lisa baked a mini "wedding cake" (YUM), Greta decorated it herself.  We took walks and collected flowers for friendly bouquets,  climbed around on some old steam engine trains.  Good times.
Greta is getting so good with her flower arranging, isn't she?  I ask her if she wants to go into business with me doing flowers for weddings, she has yet to give me a definitive answer.  She is indeed a good helper and with a wedding coming up in a few weeks,  I will be counting on her for her carefree and fanciful flare.

Henry had maybe one of the most awesome moments in his short life when not one but TWO trash trucks roared down our street on trash day this week.  Coming from opposite directions, lifting their barrels and dumping out loads of stinky garbage, their paths crossed (barely) right in front of our house as Henry and I sat on the porch and watched in amazement.  We have a very narrow street and never have we seen two trucks pass like that.  They were very skilled and thankfully managed not to skin my car, and to top it off they waved to Henry. Like they do...every week.

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Misha Lulu said...

you guys are talented! and professional.
Bela and I like flowers too! Let's get together soon!