Monday, May 17, 2010

ballet recital

Greta had her first ballet recital yesterday.  
Here are the girls backstage waiting to go on stage for dress rehearsal. 

In the wings for dress rehearsal.

And show time! 
Greta is in the center of both of these shots.

And home, hair down, slippers off, roses in hand.

Greta was only a little nervous, she smiled the whole time on stage and "loved it".  She cant wait until the next recital and is looking forward to learning some of the more advanced moves she saw the older girls doing.   We are so proud of our ballerina.  And I have to give a shout out to the sweetest of all girls, Poppy.   The friendship and presence of Poppy in the classes and during the recital  has helped Greta to live out her 5 year old girl dream.  Congratulations Greta and Poppy on your first recital!
The beautiful pink roses were from Poppy's parents.  They stand in a vase by her place at the table.