Monday, May 10, 2010

le table

Zach picked up a new table from TINI.  We have been using a small kids table for maybe 6 months now as our dining table.  It was nice for a while, gave us more space in the kitchen.  But with a large dining table back we have more space for prepping meals and can all physically fit around the table!  Added bonus the kids can enjoy the view, the birds, squirrels, kids at the park, and  trash trucks that can all be scoped from our window.
It's metal, which I thought I would never like,  I find wood so much warmer.  But it's orange, easy to clean,  and looks so cool in our space.
So without further ado, here is our new table.

Here was our previous in the back ground, behind the lovely prima ballerina.

Happy Monday.

Peace out.


Hanna said...

Love it! How in the world were you using that tiny little table??

rachel said...

it's amazing how we adapted to it. it's so nice not sitting in a kids chair to eat! and the kids are excited to have their high chairs back. win win!