Sunday, May 23, 2010

saturday shopping

This Saturday morning while Zach was off to the chiropractor, the kids and I took a ride to Ikea.  We found a swing, train track and new trains for Hen, chalk, dishtowels, a "junior"chair to go at our new dining table.  We actually had a very yummy lunch too and of course couldn't leave there without our whippies.
On the way home the kids were content and not kicking my seat so I pushed on and followed the signs to a yard sale not too far from our house.  A little old man who typically sells at flea markets had loads of costume jewelry and vintage clothing for sale.  His prices were dirt cheap.  Here is what I found.
Rings for me.

Clip on earrings for Greta.
(She has been asking for some and these just fit the bill.)

And these metal flower broaches that remind me so much of my Grandma Juanita.

The afternoon was spent eating fresh veg from the farmers market, tromping in the garden, and lots of lots of swinging.

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