Thursday, June 17, 2010

garden update

The garden is full of sunflowers, herbs, poppies, and veggies that are soon to be harvested.  We actually plucked our first zucchini a few days ago resulting in the " best zucchini pancake ever!"
Getting ready to plant more veggies.  Maybe some bell pepper, chives, hmmm.  Any suggestions?

In the front of our house we have very little space.  But I felt that this space was being wasted in a way without making room for some veg!  So a few weeks ago I dug up this small bed and bordered it with large rocks that were already in the garden.  The fish was given to us by Gramma Peg.  Neighbor Mike who has been managing a huge compost pile on the side of our house for a few months now helped me dig into that and create a rich soil for planting.  The bed sat for days without any planting, I couldn't decide what I wanted in there.  Then up pop sprouts that were obviously not weeds.  I didn't have the heart to pull them out and now it looks like we have a nice patch of zucchini and tomatoes!  All seeds are compliments of the compost.

And last but  not least, the ever growing rock and driftwood garden by our front door.

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Misha Lulu said...

your graden looks amazing! I need a consultation from you PRONTO! I don't know what is next in our garden....