Sunday, June 27, 2010

helper hen

Today was the big day.  Just before the wedding I was confronted by a disgruntled guest/friend/hi happy panda reader that was not happy that I hadn't followed up on yesterday morning's cliffhanger of a post.  So I will rewind a little for you, Jess.
Honestly, once the flowers arrived (an hour and a half late) it was as if I got on a roller coaster ride that didn't end until 3am,  picking up again first thing this morning.  I literally rolled into my floral filled kitchen and got right to work.  

This afternoon Greta went off with Grandma Lisa for a day of fun.  Zach, Henry, my friend Kelli ( who also came over yesterday to help me clean the flowers) and I hopped into our bloom filled mobiles and headed to Agoura Hills.  I wont give you a play by play, but I will say that it all turned out lovely.  Kelli proved to be an awesome help and whether she likes it or not I will petition her in the future!
 It was the rough afternoon hour for Hen and he refused to sleep on the hour drive there.  As a result we did have an episode of heavy tears and trying to grab for me as I stood on a ladder hanging garland.  Papa took him on another drive where he again refused to sleep.  But they did have a nice long chat about cartoons, Zach said. 
Hen came back in a much better mood and things were a little more relaxed as we set up the dinner tables.

Making the Toss Bouquet for the bride.

An old timer called him Huck Finn every time we passed by.

Here is a rather far away shot of the gazebo.  Guests were milling about so I didn't want to move in too close.  The sun was just setting.  It was a gorgeous evening.

I have to say that my favorite bouquets to make are for the bridal party.  I thought they came out pretty cool this time, alas, I have no photos.  But I have no fear that Sam, the husband of the lovely Jess (mentioned above) and photographer extraordinaire will spot me on this one and I can have some photos for you soon.  (Tell me you got the shot, Sam!)  And if he doesn't well... it's ok.  It wouldn't be the first time that I have done a green and white wedding with poor documentation.   

With the late nights, hard physical work, and stress that is involved, the payoff is so big that I have never turned down a wedding job.  Not only do I get to have fun with flowers again, but flowers add beauty to one of the happiest of all days.  And I meet wonderful new people along the way.  I'm so appreciative to have met and worked with Erin and John on maybe the most thoughtful and well organized wedding.  And their friend, Marissa who was the coordinator... amazing.  She is completely calm and cool under pressure, I don't know how she does it, and often with a babe on her hip.
Wedding favors for this lovely day included vintage books for all the guests.  And here is one that they set aside just for me.     

See what I mean by thoughtful?  I don't know these two that well, but they strike me as very sentimental.  

Here's to John and Erin...warm wedding wishes on this big moon night!

I'm off to bed now to snuggle with my helper hen.  He didn't fall asleep till 10:45pm, by the way.  I have a feeling we'll be sleeping in.   Sweeeeeet.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the flowers hanging from the chairs!

The Kender-Page said...

They were gorgeous - and I got to see them again this morning at the post-wedding brunch!

hojee and bunny said...

thanks Rachel for letting me be apart of the beautiful, fun and crazy world of floral design! I had a blast.. and count me in for next time!

Peggy Ray said...

Not sure if I missed this before, but it is so adorable and perfect and sweet that I'm tearing up just a wee bit. Can't believe how cute Henry is here. What love bugs you all are. Where was Greta that day?