Thursday, July 1, 2010


The other day we collected all of the tiny doll shoes we could find for a photograph.  We made it a game, trying to guess how many we could find, if we could find mates for all of them, and who the shoes belong to.  I had them all lined up, then in walks Hen.  I asked him to please wait for me to take a picture before he touched them...drats! ... no memory card in the camera ... it's in the other room ... wait Hen wait! 
Turns out his chubby hands and feet are much cuter than these shoes could ever be. 

And of course he had to try them on.


hojee and bunny said...

great photos! I love those chubby little hands and feet.

The Kender-Page said...

They almost fit!

Peggy Ray said...

Pleeeeeze kiss those adorable hands & toes for Gramma peg!