Monday, July 19, 2010

swell evening with my girl

We purchased two tickets for this concert weeks ago.  The plan was for Zach to take Greta.  With Henry still needing me to fall asleep at night, I didn't think I would be going.  But at the last minute Zach suggested that he drop us off and he drive Hen around for a while till it was over.  I was beyond excited. After all, Greta and I are the big She and Him fans, and Greta was happy to have an adventure with just her mama.
We got there just in time to find our seats and to say a quick hello to our friend Kelli who was there with her hubby.  
It was the first big concert I had been to in years.  Im not a fan of crowds, but it was the Hollywood Bowl after all.  The best place to see a concert I was reminded. With the open air it feels less claustrophobic, and the views are gorgeous. 
She and Him were awesome.  They played Greta's favorite songs.  
We had to scoot after their set, so we missed the Swell Season.  Bummer, but it was late.
When Zach picked us up, to my surprise Hen was still awake, he didn't fall asleep in the car as I had hoped.  But he had been fine and was very happy to see us.
What a fun time we had.

At home we ate chocolate cake and Zach explained the internet and how computers work to Greta.


hojee and bunny said...

Awesome show and awesome to share it with you guys! Glad you got to go!

rachel said...

we had a tipsy fan next to us. she kept screaming, "I love you Zoooooey!" Greta thought it was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

LOVE She & Him. What a cute date for the girls!