Monday, August 23, 2010

590 days to go!

 Months before Zach and I were married I had registered for a week long Dutch floral design class in Holland, just outside Amsterdam.  So it seemed fitting to spend our honeymoon there.  We just happened to be there during an awesome event that happens every 10 years, FLORIADE!
We took a train just outside Amsterdam to the countryside.  We saw gardens from many countries represented.

A sea of tulips. ( Nevermind the heathen behind us picking his nose)

Fun spaces to explore.

Hills to climb with cute electric cars that had no drivers!

Awwww Floraide!  We were so happy to find you!

We vowed to return for our 10 year anniversary, coming up here soon.  According to the Floraide clock we have 590 days to go.  Zach says we should book our hotel now, I say " we could have 2 more kids by then!"  Joke.
Needless to say we are looking forward to it and sharing it with Greta and Hen.

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