Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bee's knees

I'm feeling very inspired lately to be proactive in making my wedding floral business blossom, if you will.  The last couple of weddings I worked on were back to back and were the first in a long while.  Before then I was ready to throw in the towel and proclaim my wedding days over.  Not for discouragement but I was simply feeling over it.  I don't have a proper work space,  it's a challenge with the wee ones, blah blah blah.  But the fact is, and I was reminded of this, that I love flowers.  I love weddings. I love romance.  And I always make it work.
I hope to get a simple website up and some new fab business cards.
It's very rewarding work.  I think I'm fairly good at what I do, though I would love to improve, learn more techniques, and stay on top of trends.
I came upon a few blogs recently that have been a huge inspiration.  And of course all of these crazy talented people are in Portland.  (We need to move to Portland.)
One blog in particular is  Snippet and Ink.  The Real Weddings featured are fantastic.
This wedding I thought was perfect.  You wouldn't guess it but the location was here in Los Angeles, at Heritage Square.


Brandon & Serra Highlights from Flicker Films on Vimeo.

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Zachary Fannin said...

Gorgeous. Let's get remarried in Holland. Then again in Portland.