Monday, September 27, 2010

hot hot hot

Both kids caught their first colds of the season just before the weekend.   That plus the oppressive heat wave kept us indoors.   On Greta's first day of being sick she asked if she could get a fish.  She has been asking for a while now, so like most parents who give in to every whim of their sick child,  we drove to the pet store. 

Meet Silver.

And Tok.

 Greta was quick to make a sign letting Henry know exactly what he cannot do with the fish and their bowl.  This photo didn't come out too clearly so click on it to enlarge.  It's funny.

I also hid treasures in the garden for the kids to find.  Marbles, shells, plastic jewels.

And even though this weekend felt nothing like fall,  we made an autumn pom pom wreath for our door.  

Tune in tomorrow,  I have a goodie to giveaway!

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