Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it pays to be thrifty

How did I choose to spend a precious few hours to myself this past weekend.  Why, I went to one of the biggest and best thrift stores in the valley, that's how!  I found some vintage sheets, a pair of Lucky jeans that fit me horribly, this Fisher Price barn for Henry. It still moos when you open the barn door.  Sweet.

 And like diamonds in the rough I found these beautiful dolls for Greta for $1.00!

 I have found similar dolls at estate sales and antique stores.  It seems we have started a collection.  I wish I knew more about them.  They are dressed in traditional garb from their respective countries, hand painted faces, made of cloth, and gorgeously designed clothing.  As you can see I find them very photogenic.  Here are a few we already had.

 This girl is a bit different, with a plastic face.  Still lovely.

This last doll I know is Venetian, said so on the tag when I bought her.  I'm pretty sure the girl with the red clogs and flower embroidered skirt is Dutch.  Maybe you can help me with the others.

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Anonymous said...

Vintage Fisher Price is just ever so nice, and great quality as well. The dolls are adorable, think you a right about one being Dutch; the next one maybe Spanish. Hope you're all doing fine, although I can imagine that it feels a bit empty at the moment.