Monday, October 18, 2010

what we did

Our weekend consisted of ;
Dollar pancakes at a westside deli.

Posing in front of a westside car that looks just like a toy car the kids have. 

I found an estate sale up the street.  The estate belonged to the once curator of dolls at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY.   His collection of dolls was auctioned off on ebay, his collection of Venetian masks was sold to me.  Here are a few favorites.  The others are scary and will be sent to Julien.

My beloved camera is not working so I have to have it looked at this week.  Look forward to camera phone pics for a while.
Aunt Kate spent Friday night with us and we had a blast.   The kids were so excited to have her.  Ollie maybe was excited the most.
Our friends the Johnsons had us for dinner and laughs on Saturday evening, keeping the My Man is All the Way Down in Georgia Blues away.  A fun weekend with great friends and family.
Im making lists and list of things to get done before we fly out on November 2nd.  Flight itinerary: CHECK!
I hope your weekend was a good one!