Monday, November 29, 2010

the queen of applique

I have a friend named Kelli, I'd like to also introduce her as the Queen of Applique.  
We received a surprise package a couple of days ago from Kelli and her daughter, Mae, one of Greta's best friends.   Kelli has a sewing room in her home that never ceases to inspire me.  She creates quilts that I would never even attempt.  Her attention to detail especially in her applique work blows my mind.   She has offered to teach me many times the art of applique but I'm a little scared.  She has given me more fabric from her stash than I can possibly offer in return.  You see, not only is Kelli a gifted quilter and crafter but one of the most generous, friendly, nonjudgmental, and genuinely kind people I know, and she makes me laugh till tears are running down my face.  Her family home schools as well and her girls are so funny and creative.  Well, I could gush about the entire family because they really are the coolest and sweetest folk around.  Take a look see at the goodies we received!  The tea towel for me is what Greta is wearing as a skirt.

And a hen for my HEN!!

We've been getting mail and fun surprises in our mailbox every week since we have been here.  Here are just a few of the goodies we've received.

Kelli keeps a sweet blog of her families adventures in life and home schooling.  I don't have her Etsy shop to share...YET!

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Anonymous said...

Love all of it; bright beautiful colours. I will absolutely visit this queen's blog!

Is that a real leaf, with a stamp on it? Love it! People are so wonderfully creative, makes me happy to think about.